Dea – Delina Plevnesh (aka Neurotic Time Keeper)

Grew up in a musical family (daughter of the famous Macedonian duo called Silvi Bend)
Studied percussion, jazz drums, audio engineering and music production in Netherlands
A DJ and a producer under the pseudonym Aranyani
Former bands: Avelina and Erihon
She plays: Bendir, Daf, Djembe, Drums, Vocals…

Lea Milinovikj (aka Schizophrenic Maqam Lover)

Self-taught multi-instrumentalist, started as a street musician
Has a history with anarchism and social engagement
Obsessed with oriental music

Ognen Zlatanov (aka Psychedelic Master Bitch)

The youngest member and the music genius of the band
He studies classical music in the music high school in Skopje, main instrument: Double Bass
Former bands: Erihon (from which he was stolen by Perija 😊)
Obsessed with Gorani and Greek music
He plays: literally everything

Katerina Dimitrovska (aka Gestapo Folk Diva)

Self-taught musician
Dreams about making more experimental music (has a solo project called Gungula Sisters)
If she dies in a car accident, she wants to be remembered as a writer (has one book published)
Obsessed with photography, carries her camera everywhere
She plays: tambura, kemane, yaylı tambur, bendir, daf, vocals
A nice person who cares about cockroaches 🙂